среда, 17 февраля 2010 г.

Все мои OPI

Список всех моих опяток.. будет постоянно дополняться и будет отражать полный список моего опишного богатства(ибо в последнее время основные мои косметические новинки именно в области лаков и в основном ОПИ). В ближайшее время надеюсь сделать такое же по остальным проф маркам.

20 Candles on my cake
All-Bordeaux the sled!
All lacquered up
Absolutely Alice
Alpine snow (matte)
Baguette me not
Banana bandana
Barefoot to Barcelona
Bastille my heart
Big Apple Red
Black Cherry Chutney
Boris and Natasha
Brilliant at the ballet
Bubble bath x2
Bullish on OPI
Can you tapas this?
Canberrat without you
Do you lilac it?
Done out in deco
Dulce de leche
Dutch Tulips
DS Coronation
DS Fantasy
Eifel for this colour
Elephantastic pink
Fair Dinkum Pinkum
French (из набора для френча)
Funny Bunny
Gargantuan green grape
Get me to the taj on time
Ginger bells!
Give me moor!
Got a date tonight
Got the blues for red
Have a tempura tan-trum
Hey! Get in lime!
Heart throb
Hearts and Tarts
Here today…Aragon Tomorrow
Holiday glow
Honeymoon sweet
Hopelessly in love
I pink I love you
I Think in Pink
I’ll take the cake
I'm fondue of you
Isn’t it romantic?
It's a Girl
It's a Precious
Kiss on the cheek
Let them eat rice cake
Light my sapphire
Lincoln park after dark
Lincoln park after dark (matte)
Lincoln park after dark (suede)
Little Red Wagon
Lucky Lucky Lavender
Mad As A Hatter
Makes men blush
Merry midnight
Midnight in Moscow
Mimosas for the Mr.& Mrs.
Miso happy with this colour
Mod about you х2
Mod hatter
Moon over Mumbai
Moscow loves OPI
My private jet
No bees please
No room for the blues
No Spain no gain
Nuntucket mist
Oh so glam!
OPI Por favor
Over the taupe
Pamploma purple
Panda-monium Pink
Parlez-vouz OPI?
Pink of hearts 2
Pink-ing of you
Princesses rule!
Privacy pleace
Red my fortune cookie
Rosy reflection
Russian navy (matte)
Samoan sand
Sand in my suit
Sapphire in the snow
Second honeymoon
“Sheer your toys!”
Siberian nights
Silk Niglige
St. Peterburgundi
Strawberry Margarita
Suzi and the lifeguard
Suzi says DA!
Suzi says Feng Shui
Suzi skis in the Pyrenees
Suzi skis in the Pyrenees (suede)
Sweet heart
Tickle my France-y
Tickets to paradise
Time-less is more
Vodka & Caviar
We'll Always Have Paris
Yoga-ta get this blue!
You don’t know Jacques!
You don’t know Jacques! (matte)
You don’t know Jacques! (suede)
Yucatan if you want?

Start to Finish
Rapy Dry
Natural nail base coat
Nail Envy Maintence
Nail Envy Original
DS Top coat
Chip Skip