воскресенье, 23 мая 2010 г.

Список моих ОПИшных нюдов на 23.05.10

Barefoot to Barcelona
Brilliant at the ballet
Bubble bath
Canberrat without you
Dulce de leche
French (из набора для френча)
Get me to the taj on time
Got a date tonight
Have a tempura tan-trum
Heart throb
Hearts and Tarts
Honeymoon sweet
Hopelessly in love
I pink I love you
I Think in Pink
I’ll take the cake
Isn’t it romantic?
It's a Girl
It's a Precious
Kiss on the cheek
Let them eat rice cake
Lucky Lucky Lavender
Makes men blush
Mimosas for the Mr.& Mrs.
Miso happy with this colour
Mod about you х2
Mod hatter
Moon over Mumbai
No bees please
Nuntucket mist
Oh so glam!
Panda-monium Pink
Pink of hearts 2
Pink-ing of you
Princesses rule!
Samoan sand
Sand in my suit
Second honeymoon
Silk Niglige
Suzi and the lifeguard
Tickle my France-y
Tickets to paradise
Time-less is more

Итого 46 штук

И это только из ОПИ :) из Мисы, эсси и ЧГ список будет потом тоже сделан :)